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Do You Need Performance Management Software?

Are you a business owner or Human Resources Professional in need of performance management software for your business? A quick online search results in multiple pages of performance reviews, side-by-side comparisons and hundreds of options, so it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best performance management system for your company.  

The key features and benefits of each software platform can vary, so to narrow down your options, consider your reasons for needing a performance management solution. Is your company looking for ways to reduce paperwork and automate hr processes?  Maybe you’re trying to increase employee engagement and need help talent management. Or, perhaps your annual performance review process is ineffective and time consuming, and you need something better.

Some management systems are targeted toward large corporations and have complicated platforms with expensive features that your small to midsize business doesn’t need.  Others offer are more specialized management tools, meant for specific industries, like healthcare or the financial industry.

But if you’re looking for robust, affordable, and simple to use performance management software to automate performance reviews, help with goal management and provide 360-Degree feedback Reviewsnap is the solution you’re searching for.

Do You Need Performance Management Software?

Choose Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is an all in one, cloud based performance management solution that delivers an integrated suite of easy to use hr software, powerful management tools, and a customizable platform that can be personalized to fit the needs of any organization.

Catered for small businesses and midsize organizations like yours, Reviewsnap features a simple user interface and an easy to navigate platform. With unlimited, customizable review templates, review cycles, and goal modules, and dashboards with real time data reporting graphics, everyone from executives to supervisors can quickly create alignment, manage goal setting, improve engagement, provide feedback and monitor employee progress in minutes, not hours.

We know you’re busy and need to take care of things quickly, so we made Reviewsnap as easy to set up as possible. It’s simple to administer and navigation is a breeze. Our customer service support is stellar– in fact, it’s what really sets us apart from other software vendors. All support is in-house and our quick response times– an hour or less via email– means we’re available whenever you need us. So you can get back to what matters most– running your business.

Why do thousands of business owners and human resources professionals all over the world trust Reviewsnap? Check out a few of these key features:   

  • Full Automation– the automated platform features e-signatures, automatic reminder and email notifications, secure archiving and is accessible from any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Powerful Goal Management– easily set, track and manage goals– including OKRs and SMART goals; monitor employee progress, clearly define objectives and track achievements   
  • Performance Reviews – automated customizable appraisal forms, unlimited review cycles, personalized goal tracking continuous feed support
  • Journaling and Note-Taking– employees and managers can track “wins”, ask for feedback, and schedule regular check-ins to increase employee engagement
  • 360 Degree Feedback– create a continuous real time feedback loop between employees, supervisors, and colleagues, supervisors to encourage engagement, accountability and professional development

Are you ready to improve efficiency, reduce expensive paper processes, get rid of ineffective performance reviews and increase employee engagement? Sign up below for a live demo of Reviewsnap to learn more.

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