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Invest in Employee Feedback Software for Your Company

In order to do their best work, employees need direction and feedback. In most businesses and organizations, this is typically handled via annual performance reviews. But annual reviews leave a lot to be desired. Meeting once a year to discuss employee performance, goals and compensation, tends to have very little effect on employee engagement. Hard-working employees need to know their work is appreciated and matters to the success of the company. They want feedback that is meaningful– and in real time. Most business executives and CEOs would agree that immediate feedback is more valuable and more beneficial to both employees and managers, leading to better communication, increased employee engagement and improved employee happiness. So why are so many companies still doing performance reviews the same old way– bogged down with slow, tedious, generic stacks of paper forms? If your company is looking for a better way to do business, you’ve found it with Reviewsnap.

Invest in Employee Feedback Software for Your Company

Choose Reviewsnap, A Web-Based, All-In-One Performance Management System

Reviewsnap is a web-based, all-in-one performance management system that automates the entire employee performance review process. With the most powerful, yet easy to use employee feedback tools, customizable templates, and affordable pricing structure, Reviewsnap is everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Key features of Reviewsnap include the following:

  • A fully automated platform with e-signatures, automatic reminders, and email notifications
  • Unlimited, customizable review templates and individualized goal management modules for easy tracking of employee goals
  • Journaling and note-taking features encourage employee goal tracking and facilitate meaningful feedback between team members
  • 360 Degree Feedback gives employees real-time feedback with regular check-ins to support improved performance  
  • Real-time feedback tracks and records employee accomplishments throughout the year so achievements are less likely to be forgotten months later

When you’re looking for the best performance management system available, look no further than Reviewsnap. Sign up below now for a free demo.