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Ditch your old HR appraisal software for something better. Reviewsnap has the tools that HR professionals look for in a performance management solution. Request a demo today to learn more.

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Looking for Performance Appraisal Software?

Are you an HR Professional or CEO looking for performance appraisal software to use in your organization? Do you need a performance management system that can help simplify and streamline your employee review process? The traditional annual performance review is typically a lengthy, time-consuming undertaking that renders weak results when it comes to employee development. In recent years, many companies have ditched their annual employee performance evaluations in favor of a more “employee-focused” process involving a continuous feedback approach. Are you ready to join them? It’s time to try Reviewsnap.

Reviewsnap's HR Appraisal Software

At Reviewsnap, we know the best performance management system is often the simplest. So we made Reviewsnap easy to set up, easy to access, and easy to navigate. But don’t let the simple layout, uncomplicated interface, and user-friendly tools fool you. Reviewsnap is powerful, fully automated, and customizable all in one performance management software. Catered to small and midsize businesses, Reviewsnap features an affordable 3-level pricing platform based on the number of employees in your organization, ensuring that you are never paying for more than you need. No wonder thousands of HR professionals worldwide already use Reviewsnap.

What are the Benefits of Reviewsnap?

The many benefits of using Reviewsnap, include:


  • A secure, easy to use, cloud-based system– accessible from any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • A fully automated platform featuring e-signatures, automatic email notifications, automated reminders and archiving
  • Customized modules allow users to quickly and efficiently to track goals and manages tasks efficiently
  • Journaling/note-taking for continuous feedback and increased employee engagement
  • Real-time 360 degree feedback for effective workplace communication, support, and employee development


Stop wasting time and resources on ineffective review processes. Make them count, with Reviewsnap! Sign up below to request a live demo.

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