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Consider Reviewsnap When Looking For ADP Alternatives

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Consider Reviewsnap When Looking For ADP Alternatives

It’s been said that goals are what turns the invisible into the visible. Here at Reviewsnap we get that, which is why our Human Resources software solution helps your midsize or small business deliver real-time feedback, align goals, and ensure reviews are done well and in a timely manner. Our HR software solution is based in the cloud, so that managers and administrators can access graphical and raw data statistics in real time from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. No more endless reams of paper and complicated filing systems. Reviewsnap propels performance management into the 21st century, helping organizations conserve resources at the same time they’re increasing employee engagement and improving organizational outcomes.

Consider Reviewsnap When Looking For ADP Alternatives

Reviewsnap Helps You Develop Employees and Achieve Business Goals

Reviewsnap frees managers to focus their time and attention on developing employees and achieving business goals. Insightful reporting and online performance reviews help to ensure that your Human Resources and leadership teams have the data necessary to make more informed workforce planning decisions. ┬áThe easy-to-use software from Reviewsnap encourages system adoption while eliminating the paper chase, making it the “go to” for managers and HR professionals from all sorts of organizations. Other features of Reviewsnap include:

  • Performance Reviews – automatic notifications, e-signatures, and unlimited job-specific templates help to automate the performance review process
  • 360 Degree Feedback – multi-rater surveys from internal and external sources provide graphical and raw data in real time to reveal employee strengths and weaknesses
  • Succession Planning – groom employees for growth opportunities based on engagement, aspirations, and abilities
  • Notes – encourage communication between employees and managers with private and shareable notes

As an online performance management system, Reviewsnap goes the distance. Discover more ways Reviewsnap improves employee engagement, promotes better communication, and delivers insights into strengths and weaknesses. See how to improve productivity, keep your team on task, and retain top performers. Go for the gusto! Sign up for a free trial of Reviewsnap today.

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