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Look for Performance Management Software That's Not Greenhouse?

Google ‘HR software’ and you’ll get hundreds of results– from recruitment software and applicant tracking systems to payroll and benefits administration. But if you are a business owner or director of human resources looking for the best way to streamline performance reviews and manage goal setting, then recruiting software like Greenhouse, isn’t going to cut it. You’ve already hired top talent, you need to focus on keeping those employees engaged and performing at their best. So when you need alternatives to recruiting software, look to Reviewsnap.

Look for Performance Management Software That's Not Greenhouse?

Why Use Reviewsnap?

Reviewsnap is the performance management software solution that helps your small to midsize business align goals, deliver real-time feedback, plan for succession and ensure performance reviews are done well. The flexible, easy to use, cloud-based platform automates hr processes and ends the headaches and hassles of dealing with manual paper processes. Performance improves and employee engagement increases when reviews are predictable, efficient and effective. Reviewsnap streamlines the performance review process so employees and managers are free to get back to work.

Simple but effective employee engagement snapshot allows managers and administrators to monitor how teams or individuals are performing at a glance, empowering management to make better business decisions.  

Reviewsnap offers a cost-effective 3-tiered pricing platform with annual subscriptions based on the number of employees in your business and on the modules required, so you only pay for what need.

How does Reviewsnap streamline the performance management process?  

  • Powerful Goal Management: set and track goals for employees, teams, departments and across the company; ensure alignment, monitor progress, track achievements
  • Automated Performance Reviews: utilize customizable forms, personalized goal tracking, and unlimited review cycles; automated notifications; review notes and attached documentation;
  • 360-Degree Feedback: colleagues, supervisors, and customers provide continuous real-time feedback; employees can utilize self-surveys; encourage peer recognition and engagement  
  • Journaling and Note-Taking: provide meaningful feedback, support check-ins, rack regular contributions and achievements
  • Succession planning: gain insights from current and previous reviews; determine where coaching is needed, how to attract top talent, make improvements and identify top talent

You’ve already gone through the recruitment process and hired the best candidate. Now it’s time to develop and retain your top employees with effective coaching and increased engagement. Start with Reviewsnap.

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