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Fully automated, easy-to-use and flexible tools, Reviewsnap’s online performance review software can help you enhance and optimize your performance management process. Request a demo to learn more about Reviewsnap.

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What Can Reviewsnap Do For You?

Get the most out of your employee performance, take action, and utilize the right tools. Once you implement performance management software, like Reviewsnap, you’ll realize that it provides a wealth of benefits to everyone from HR professionals, executives, managers, and even staff members.

A Seamless Solution For Managers

Meaningful and regular employee performance reviews and real-time feedback are the building blocks for relationship building and employee engagement—but they can be a challenge to implement. Reviewsnap’s performance review software removes much of the hassle and endless paperwork that employee performance reviews often require.


  • Automate the performance review process with e-signatures, automatic notifications, and unlimited job-specific templates.
  • Real-time feedback using comments, notes, and attached documentation.
  • Central location for performance review materials to streamline the appraisal process and ensure more accurate reviews.


By simplifying the process, managers will be encouraged to share meaningful feedback with their teams on a regular basis. Additionally, when it’s annual review time, there will be no surprises for employees.

360-Degree Feedback, Goal Management, and More

The Reviewsnap performance management system allows for 360-degree feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates, not just a manager or HR professional. The self-appraisal can also be used to help employees with their goal management, alongside the 360-degree feedback. With Reviewsnap’s statistics snapshot, you gain access to real-time graphical and raw data statistics to identify company, department and individual strengths and weaknesses.

Make Performance Reviews a Regular Event, Not Just Once a Year

Developing an ongoing performance appraisal process is essential for assessing an individual’s job performance and productivity in relation to organizational objectives. Reviewsnap’s performance management solution lets you set company, department, and employee goals so you can seamlessly track progress.


Regular check-ins are so much more effective for increasing employee engagement than the traditional annual review cycle. That’s why Reviewsnap features a real-time, continuous feedback loop into the performance review process so that employees don’t have to wait months to get meaningful feedback. The performance management system makes it easy to log into a centralized cloud-based dashboard to update employee assessments with notes.

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