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If you’re searching for workforce management business software, you’ll quickly discover that you have countless options. Each has a slightly different focus, such as TinyPulse, which helps companies measure how happy– or burnt-out– their employees are. Some are geared toward applicant tracking, recruiting, or talent management. While others cater to millenials, with everything tracked in a mobile app. But if you’re looking for alternatives to options like TinyPulse and BambooHR, maybe it’s time to consider Reviewsnap.  

Reviewsnap is designed with small and medium businesses in mind. It’s an all in one, cloud based performance management solution, with an emphasis on performance reviews, goal management and employee engagement. Reviewsnap streamlines human resources processes, allows managers and administrators to automate performance reviews, create alignment, and improve talent management. The simple but powerful user interface equips entire organizations– from the CEO to the newest employee– to quickly and easily access powerful goal tracking and performance review tools.

Not Interested in TinyPulse?

Here's Why You Should Pick Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap simplifies complicated human resources management tasks by combining custom reporting, goal management, performance reviews, and 360-degree feedback into a single unified performance management solution. It’s a powerful tool for defining company culture, aligning goals, promoting employee and team engagement, and encouraging peer recognition. Reviewsnap supports 360 degree real-time performance feedback, facilitating open communication, accountability and talent development.

We recognize that there are bigger, fancier HCM (Human Capital Management) software platforms out there, but honestly, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Don’t waste money on expensive, complicated features and tools you don’t need. Reviewsnaps’ affordable, 3-tiered price platform ensures you only pay for what you need. Pricing is based on the number of employees in your company and the modules you need– making it the cost effective option for small businesses on a budget.

Why is Reviewsnap the best TinyPulse alternative?

  • The fully automated platform includes automatic email notifications, e-signatures, reminders and 24/7 access from any device, 365 days a year  
  • Goal Setting – customize goal templates; set and track goals for employees and manage progress; employees can easily track daily contributions
  • Performance Reviews – automate the entire appraisal process with custom review forms, unlimited review cycles, automated notifications and personalized employee goal tracking forms
  • 360-Degree Feedback – easily and quickly request employee feedback from partners, colleagues, supervisors and employees in real time  
  • Note taking and journaling help facilitate continuous feedback between managers and employees, records achievements and keeps employees on track
  • Real time reporting helps HR Professionals use real time data to identify areas of strength, motivate and retain the top performers in the company and adjust goals as needed

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