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There are many reasons for wanting to use performance management software in your business. Employers today face challenges in attracting top candidates, developing a strong workforce and retaining experienced employees. So implementing strategies to increase employee engagement, coach effectively, support professional development and provide helpful, continuous feedback is critical. But with so many performance management systems available, trying to choose the best alternatives for your organization can seem daunting.

Fortunately, Reviewsnap recognizes that most midsize to small businesses are looking for simple solutions with easy setup, fast implementation, and robust features at an affordable price– and Reviewsnap delivers!

Reviewsnap Can Help You

What's Reviewsnap?

What’s Reviewsnap? It’s a flexible, reliable, cloud-based employee performance management solution. The easy to use software automates performance reviews, simplifies goal management, supports 360-degree feedback and streamlines human resources workflow and succession planning.

Reviewsnap sets itself apart from other performance management solutions with superior in-house customer service, powerful yet easy to use tools and features, and an affordable pricing structure, so you never pay for features, you don’t need and won’t use.  

What does Reviewsnap offer that the alternatives don’t?

  • Flexible Goal Management: track and manage goals for individuals, teams, and departments; monitor progress, make corrections and track achievements
  • Automated Performance Reviews: increase efficiency utilizing customizable review forms, set unlimited review cycles and personalize goal tracking; never forget due dates or miss a signature with automated reminders, email notifications, and e-signatures    
  • 360-Degree Feedback: gather feedback from employee self-appraisals and reviews submitted by supervisors, coworkers (even clients and customers); encourage employee recognition, increase employee engagement and improve  communication
  • Journaling and Note-Taking: provide and access employee feedback, schedule check-ins, track individual achievements and contributions, and identify performance issues early for easy correction
  • Succession Planning: insightful analytics from current and past performance reviews provide key  insights; get at-a-glance talent management graphics to help identify top performers, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses; promote professional growth and development

Reviewsnap helps increase employee engagement, retain top performers, improve efficiency and save money– what more can you want?  

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