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Manage employee performance with a new approach. The real-time performance management system from Reviewsnap has everything you need for frequent feedback in the busy workplace of today. Request your live demo today to learn more.

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Improve Employee Engagement

According to the Gallup Business Journal 2016 study, Managers: Millennials Want Feedback, but Won’t Ask for It, more than any other generation, Millennials require feedback. The study also revealed managers should connect with employees on a regular basis, as regular meetings more than double the likelihood of employee engagement. Would better communication between employees and managers — and not just at the annual review time — benefit your organization? Reviewsnap provides real-time performance management to boost employee engagement, discover organizational and individual strengths and weaknesses, and set and track progress on employee, department, and company goals.

Powerful, Online Performance Management Software

As employees and managers engage in more conversations, the workplace becomes happier and more productive. But according to Gallup, roughly one-fifth of employees meet with their supervisor on a weekly basis. With cloud-based, real-time performance management, Reviewsnap helps employees get the feedback they need in the moment. A culture of open communication is fostered, and long-term success and employee engagement are increased. In addition, with performance management conducted in real time, it’s possible to discover performance issues before they become problems, recognize underutilized employees, and locate and retain high performers.

Real-Time and Continuous Feedback

  • 360 Degree Feedback – using only an email, request real-time feedback from internal or external sources
  • Statistics Snapshot – access graphical and raw data in real time to identify individual, department, and organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal Setting and Tracking – set goals and keep them updated all year long with regular check-ins for happy employees and increased productivity
  • Performance Appraisals – use automated email notifications, limitless job-specific templates, and e-signatures to automate and simplify the performance review process


Real-time performance management from Reviewsnap saves time, increases employee engagement, and inspires proper management. Sign up for your demo today to experience a new approach to managing employee performance.

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