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What are 360 Reviews?

Most employees are familiar with annual performance reviews routinely conducted by their supervisors. These reviews typically involve the employee receiving feedback from a manager, some discussion about performance goals for the coming year, a few quick signatures and then they’re forgotten until the next review cycle. These annual performance reviews rarely provide feedback that encourages professional development or growth. Instead, they tend to focus on the employee’s success in performing current job duties. But today’s performance reviews are much different. They now tend to incorporate 360 reviews – in which employees get feedback about their professional skills from colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors. Reviewsnap seamlessly implements 360-degree feedback into online employee performance reviews.

Reviewsnap's 360-Degree Feedback

Reviewsnap is the world’s simplest, fully automated cloud-based employee performance review software solution. It equips supervisors and employees with automated performance feedback tools to align organizational goals, provide real-time continuous feedback, and promote employee learning and development. The easy to use, fully customizable user interface incorporates performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, journal entries, and note taking, and custom reporting to provide a complete, all in one performance management solution. Reviewsnap is catered to small to midsize businesses, with a 3-tier pricing platform based on the number of employees in your organization, so you never pay for more than you need.


Key benefits of Reviewsnap include:

  • An automated platform featuring e-signatures, automatic email notifications and archiving, and unlimited job-specific templates
  • Unlimited and fully customizable performance review forms, online surveys and cycles
  • Customizable performance review templates and individualized goal management modules for easy tracking of employee goals and associated tasks
  • Note taking and journaling to help facilitate meaningful feedback between managers and employees
  • 360-Degree Feedback to increase employee engagement


When you’re ready to implement 360-degree feedback to your employee review process, make it simple with Reviewsnap. Sign up today for a demo to learn more.

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