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Reviewsnap has easy to use employee review software with effective real-time feedback. Customizable review cycles to match your preferred frequency of feedback. 360-degree feedback for a more well-rounded appraisal. Book your demo to learn more.

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Don't Stick with Generic Feedback

Traditional employee performance reviews are costly and time-consuming. Managers can spend hours filling out paperwork for a single employee review, yet very few employees say annual performance evaluations actually enhance their performance on the job. That’s a lot of work for minimal results. But why are so many performance evaluations ineffective?


One of the biggest complaints by employees about annual performance reviews is that the feedback received in the evaluations is frequently generic and non-specific. Good managers know feedback is most valuable when it’s immediate. Real-time feedback gives managers the ability to address performance issues early on, encourages open lines of communication, and provides opportunities for supportive coaching and employee development.  So where do HR Professionals find effective, easy to use employee performance management software that allows real-time feedback?

Meet Reviewsnap

Meet Reviewsnap– a fully automated, cloud-based performance management software solution– ideal for small to midsize businesses who want to make performance reviews count. Reviewsnap’s simple layout allows you to customize the appraisal process to suit your needs. Easily set and track employee goals, provide ongoing feedback about an employee’s performance, facilitate check-ins, and improve employee engagement.   

What are the Benefits of Reviewsnap?

The benefits of using Reviewsnap include:


  • A secure, easy to use, cloud-based system– accessible from any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • A fully automated platform featuring e-signatures, automatic email notifications, automated reminders and archiving
  • Customized goal and task management
  • Journaling/note-taking allows for easy tracking and recording of goal progress
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Statistics Dashboard identifies top performers and individual, departmental and company strengths and weaknesses
  • An easy to use, easy to access system that encourages employees to contribute to their own evaluation process


Reviewsnap is the only performance management software you need. Sign up for a live demo to see what it can do for you.

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