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Fast, Easy Online Goal Setting with Reviewsnap

We’ve heard it before– To get something done, you need goals. Most of us believe that statement is true, at least to some degree. And there are many smart, successful CEO’s touting the value of goal setting to steer businesses in the right direction. But according to a 2015 survey of small business owners, over 80 percent weren’t tracking their business goal progress at all.


Goal setting is a powerful practice that gives us focus and long-term vision. Working toward goals causes us to grow in new ways– in short, we must become better versions of ourselves to achieve our goals. We all need big, important goals to keep us motivated enough to work past short-term hurdles. So why aren’t more businesses adding ‘goal-setting’ to their to-do lists?

Make Online Goal Setting Easier with Reviewsnap

Truthfully, goal tracking can seem like a daunting process, especially when you’re trying to manage goals and track progress for an entire organization. Many employees have a hard time setting their own goals, and ideally, it should be a collaborative process between a supervisor and employee. This helps ensure that personal goals are in alignment with company goals, and each employee knows how his work fits into the big picture and success of the company. With the significant time commitment and considerable effort required in traditional goal setting processes, it’s no wonder many companies don’t track goals at all.


Fortunately, times have changed. Goal planning software and powerful tracking tools make life easier for everybody– and Reviewsnap is the online goal setting software solution you’ve been looking for.

Reviewsnap has the Right Tools

Reviewsnap delivers a simple to use, flexible and affordable web-based software solution that promises to help your business streamline performance reviews, improve efficiency, and save considerable money and time. The simple user interface empowers managers and employees to quickly set goals, track progress, provide real-time feedback, and monitor team performance. Managers have the power to set unlimited review cycles, so whether you want to track yearly goals, monthly goals, or even daily goals, Reviewsnap makes it simple. Automated reminders– sent directly to designated email addresses– help employees stay on track throughout the year.

Reviewsnap's Goal Setting Features

The benefits of using Reviewsnap for your online goal setting needs include:


  • A fully automated platform featuring automatic reminders, e-signatures, email notifications
  • Customizable review templates and unlimited goal management modules that allow easy progress tracking of employee goals
  • Goal modules can be personalized to include as many goals– and types of goals– as necessary
  • The ability to add measurements and values for SMART goals; to add and assign specific tasks to goals; easily attach supporting documentation to designated tasks and goals
  • 360-Degree Feedback with input from employee, supervisors, peers, and subordinates
  • Journaling and note-taking features encourage employees to participate in goal tracking, facilitate continuous feedback and regular check-ins between managers and employees, and ensures goal achievement is recorded and recognized
  • Statistics dashboard with real-time data helps evaluate employee performance, strengths, areas for improvement and identifies top performers


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