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What is Employee Engagement?

The term “employee engagement” gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? What exactly is an “engaged employee”?


According to Kevin Kruse in Forbes, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” Another definition by Engage For Success states “Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, and motivated to contribute to organizational success.”


Sounds great, right? But how do businesses develop a company culture that fosters engaged employees? Most companies don’t, according to a Gallup poll that shows only 13% of employees are engaged at work. But things are changing.

Let Reviewsnap Help You Improve Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement starts with the premise that employees need to feel appreciated, valued and believe that their work matters to the success of the company. When employees are engaged in their work, they tend to be happier, more productive and have better relationships with management. And happy, engaged employees will do whatever it takes to get the job done.


If you’re ready to get to work increasing employee engagement in your business, Reviewsnap has the employee engagement tools you need to make it easy.

Employee Engagement Tools

Reviewsnap is powerful, but simple to use cloud-based employee engagement software solution. With automated performance review tools and employee evaluation forms, Reviewsnap helps human resources professionals, administrators, and managers easily align goals, provide real-time feedback about employee performance, and promote employee engagement.

The fully customizable user interface includes:



Real-time continuous feedback allows easy tracking of employee accomplishments and monitors areas of improvement throughout the year, so things are less likely to be forgotten at the next review. And because employees know what to expect at review time– thanks to regular, consistent feedback from– there are no surprises and no undue anxiety.

Encourage Employee Engagement with Reviewsnap

How can Reviewsnap help increase employee engagement?


  • Full automation featuring e-signatures, automatic email notifications, archiving, and unlimited job-specific templates simplify the performance management process for everyone
  • Customizable templates, cycles and individualized goal management modules automate performance reviews and make it easy to track and monitor employee and team goals
  • Easily set, monitor and measure the progress of employee SMART goals; ensure employee goals align with business goals; allows employees to quickly track progress and make adjustments
  • Journaling and note-taking features facilitate open communication, engage employees in the review process and make real-time feedback fast and simple
  • 360-degree feedback encourages peer-to-peer recognition, promotes accountability between coworkers, and delivers a more powerful employee experience
  • Real-time reporting provides managers with real-time data to help evaluate employee performance, identify team issues, top performers and strengths and weaknesses within the
  • organization


Reviewsnap is the most flexible, easy to use, and affordable employee engagement platform available on the market today– so why wait? Start increasing employee engagement today! To contact us for a live demo, click the live demo button, and then simply enter your email address and information. We can’t wait to help you get started.

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