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Increase Engagement with Performance Feedback Tools

According to Gallup, the definition of an engaged employee is “ a person who is fully involved in and enthusiastic about his or her work and workplace.” Unfortunately, less than one-third of employees in the US are engaged in their jobs, a finding which has been consistent since 2000. If employees aren’t engaged, they’re likely not doing their best work and businesses suffer.


Employees need to know their work matters, and their efforts are appreciated. This requires a company culture that values alignment, excellent communication, and continuous feedback between everyone from the CEO and top executives to supervisors and employees.

Powerful, Online Performance Management Software

Traditionally, most organizations and businesses have provided feedback during annual performance reviews. However, annual appraisals typically have minimal impact on employee engagement. So what can companies do to engage employees, support career development, and recognize improvements and achievements? Reviewsnap has the solution you’re looking for if you’re looking for a better way to do performance reviews.


Reviewsnap is an all in one, cloud-based employee performance management system. The powerful engagement tools automate performance reviews, track goals, monitor progress, and provide real-time insights using graphical data. The easy to navigate platform is fully customizable and offers time-saving automation features, including e-signatures, automatic reminders, and email notifications. The affordable pricing structure is based on the size and needs of your organization, so you never pay for more than you need or want.

Reviewsnap's Performance Feedback Tools

How can Reviewsnaps’ powerful performance feedback tools help?


  • Simple, Powerful Goal Management– implement unlimited goals; monitor employee performance and progress, track achievements, attach supporting documentation
  • Automated Performance Reviews – utilize customizable review forms, personalized goal tracking, and unlimited review cycle
  • 360-Degree Feedback–increase employee engagement via self-reviews; encourage collaboration and peer recognition; provide real-time feedback, facilitate coaching
  • Note-taking and Journaling– employees and managers can schedule regular check-ins, follow up, provide continuous feedback; set notes to be shared or kept private; track contributions and achievements;


Reviewsnap is everything you want in a performance management system, and nothing you don’t. Are you ready to increase employee engagement, streamline workflows, support professional development, and retain top talent?

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