The “You Serious Clark?” Look

Have you ever wondered what those looks some employees shoot your way really mean when you’re conducting a performance review session? Here’s our rendition of what some of the more common looks mean:

The “You don’t know #%$@” look – A common look among low performers…the one with the wry little smile, arms crossed, and slightly red face. What this really means is “Oh, oh, they’re on to me”.

The “You Serious Clark?” look – It’s the eyes wide open and slight head shake look that says “I had no idea I wasn’t doing my job even though I spend hours on the Internet shopping every day”.

The “I’ve got this in the bag” look – You know it as the lean back in the chair, head slightly cocked and slight smirk look.

The “It’s the company’s fault” look – Here’s one most of us have seen…you know, the dilating of the eyes, red face and know-it-all grin look.

And last but not least, the “I’ll play along, but couldn’t disagree more” look – Yep, that one…the one where the employee tries hard to be a good soldier, but shows their disagreement by unconsciously furrowing the eyebrows, sighing heavily, and giving phoney smiles now and again.

During your upcoming review sessions, keep an eye out for any of these looks. You might get a quiet little chuckle when you spot one.