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Should Your Performance Appraisal Process Be Automated?


HR has been expedited by the world of technology. With these tools comes the power to automate, facilitate, and ameliorate many of the processes within the HR domain. But how do you automate something that is primarily human interaction? Something like the performance appraisal? It is the human interaction between a manager and members of their team, but truthfully, the human aspect of performance reviews can damage the integrity of the feedback. I know that’s a bold statement, but let’s look at the evidence. 

Improved Feedback

Staying on par with organizational and personally professional goals isn’t an easy feat – especially without performance reviews. Did you know a performance review template can be just what you need to improve employee feedback. An automated performance appraisal process not only helps managers maintain accurate records of overall employee performance, but also ensures employees clearly understand the content of their feedback. Marchena Chendeka, Project Manager at Sky Strategic Marketing, said:

“Automated employee performance management tools make it easier for supervisors to give their employees feedback in a variety of ways. They make performance evaluations faster and easier for managers to complete. As a result, organizations will typically see participation rates with evaluations rise dramatically.”

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Better Employee Alignment

With a standardized performance appraisal, it’s easier to position employee work – their day-to-day activities – to overall business objectives and strategies. It’s difficult for your team to see their place, truly adopt company missions if they don’t feel that intrinsic connection. Only 42% of employees know their company’s values, mission, and overall cultural values. You have the power to remedy this within your team. With an automated performance appraisal, your employees can see the direct connection of their work to the progression of the company’s business strategies and development of organizational values. That means, their personal links to the company will strengthen.

It’s Not a Disruption…

The old way of evaluating employee performance severs the objectivity of a true appraisal. So, when you really think about the disruptions in the review process… it’s not technology or automation. It’s the stagnant nature of antiquated, clunky employee performance reviews. In fact, when you look at the numbers, nearly three-quarters (70%) of employers have reviewed and updated their performance management system or in the very least are evaluating its effectiveness. Employers aren’t disillusioned to the ineffective performance management system (and subsequently, the internal performance review system) they have grown so accustomed to. They understand the benefits technology can bring and the responsibilities the change entails.

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…And it’s not a Numbers Game

Just because you’re looking at an automated performance appraisal process doesn’t mean you’re defaulting to a rack and stack system. Technology is more than just the calculator neatly situated on your desk; it has become an integral part of performance management, which coincidentally enough, thrives on the human aspect of talent management. It streamlines the review process, and quickly positions employees in front of their career path and makes performance reviews worth their weight in company time (which is corporate gold). After all, as Mark Koziel, Vice President of Firm Services and Global Alliances at AICPA, said:

“Evaluators want to contribute to an effective employee and a successful organization.”

The world of technology touches every aspect of the business world, including performance management within HR. With the recent upheaval of the traditional performance management system, employers have begun to turn to automated performance appraisals as a means to ease the pressures from managers and their employees for a better evaluatory system. It is able to maintain the human aspect of performance appraisals while automating it to streamline the process to save time. You have the evidence, it’s your turn to help your employees meet their full performance potential.

Download: The Truth About Performance Reviews

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