Reviewsnap is Now Trakstar Perform!

Over the last year, you may have noticed things a little different on our website, and that’s for a fantastic reason: we are excited to tell you that Reviewsnap has been rebranded into Trakstar Perform. While this process started years ago, this rebrand has been a beautiful work in progress and the foundation of our integrated talent management platform.

Things you learned to love about Reviewsnap are still here, just with a bigger, better team and product features behind it all. Now, our customers have access to industry-leading performance management, engagement surveys, succession planning, and data analytics related to your performance efforts. On top of that, you’ll be able to integrate with some of the other solutions from Trakstar, including Trakstar Learn (a learning management system) and Trakstar Hire (an applicant tracking system). On top of that, Perform comes with a built-in data analytics dashboard, Trakstar Insights, to help you understand, prioritize, and back up the work you’re doing.

If you’re ready to schedule a demo of Trakstar Perform (formerly Reviewsnap), you can click here to be connected to our team. If you want to learn more about what you can expect, keep reading.

What Can You Expect with Trakstar?

Trakstar has taken the hard work put into Reviewsnap and developed new features with our customers in mind. We’ve taken what worked and improved upon it, making the software easier to use, learn, and manage. Along with the other features on the Trakstar Platform, this integrated solution breaks down the processes you’ve used before and helps you build a customized, tailored workflow for performance reviews.

When paired with our other solutions, or HRIS systems and HR tools, you can create workflows to automate many of your processes and ease some of your time restrictions.

It is important to note that nothing people loved about Reviewsnap will change. The features people loved and used for years are all the same. Instead, the Trakstar team has been updating and improving features to make them easier to use, adding new features to increase productivity, and innovating new ways to retain your top talent.

Same Great Features — But Better

Customers of Reviewsnap loved all of the features included, and they stayed in the transition! Trakstar Perform has everything people loved about Reviewsnap, including 360-degree reviews, performance review notes, goal setting, reporting, automated reminders, and more! We’ve updated and streamlined the features so that they work smoother and fit in with your workforce.

Want to remind employees they have reviews coming up? Integrate with Google to send an email or Slack to send a message!

Does something feel different in your workforce, and you want to check the pulse of your organization? Send out an engagement survey!

Is your workforce aging, and you need to start planning? Perform has succession planning!

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Go Further With The Trakstar Platform

The Trakstar Platform connects the most important parts of the employee lifecycle together to streamline performance management, learning and development, and hiring. When you combine these products together, you’re able to go further with one simple interface.

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See Up-To-Date Analytics From Performance Reviews

When Reviewsnap became part of the Trakstar platform, it was clear what was missing: data analytics and reporting capabilities unmatched by other performance management systems. Enter Trakstar Insights: a built-in workforce analytics dashboard to see how your performance reviews are shaping up in real time. Insights for Trakstar Perform help you identify top performers and those falling behind to build a stronger workforce, pick leadership, and transition your company to the next level.

For many customers, the best part is that HR leaders and managers are able to see the daily impacts of their work. With nightly updates, the Insights dashboard is always there to tell you what’s really going on – and help you show the power of a great HR department.

Learn more about Trakstar Insights by clicking here

Compare Your Progress To Competitors & Peers

How does your retention rate compare to your industry and company-size peers? Do you know? These data points are going to become increasingly important as we move through the next few years, and HR needs them. Another feature added to Trakstar Perform that wasn’t in Reviewsnap is Benchmarking.

With Benchmarking for Perform, you understand where you are ahead of the competition and what you can do to improve the areas of your workforce that need it. We give you actionable tips and guidelines to help you improve your performance or keep it above your competitors.

Learn more about Benchmarking for Perform by clicking here

The Same Great Customer Support

The Customer Support Team at Trakstar is lauded by our customers for being prompt, efficient, and helpful. But don’t take our word for it:

“Trakstar Perform tech support has an exemplary support team – they are unfailingly prompt, helpful, and highly capable at helping me use TrakStar Perform in the most efficient manner for my specific needs.”
-Ann Laidlaw – Vitec

My biggest worry anytime we add a new software “tool” to assist our teams is “What kind of support are we going to get from the supplier?”. From my very first interaction with the Trakstar Perform support team I knew that I had made the correct decision in choosing them as our performance management tool. It is very easy to ask support questions from almost any page within Trakstar Perform. Acknowledgement of the problem report is almost instantaneous, with email follow-up from an actual support team member (who actually knows the product inside-out) happening just minutes later. You guys really are the fastest, bestest support team ever!!
Rick Walker – FACTS Engineering

Trakstar also utilized Trakstar Academy, a way to teach yourself how to do even more with Perform, courses to use during onboarding and succession to help new employees use the system, and ways to troubleshoot on the go.

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The Trakstar platform, complete with Trakstar Perform, will tackle so many of the performance management headaches that HR leaders, managers, PeopleOps, and more have seen over the last few years. If you are building towards the future, Trakstar Perform is the way to go.

Schedule A Demo of Trakstar Today

With a new name and vast improvements in functionality, ROI, and success, Trakstar Perform takes the best parts of Reviewsnap and improves upon them. We’ve worked performance reviews into the complete employee lifecycle, giving you the opportunity to have hire-to-retire functionality within Trakstar Perform.

If you were interested in Reviewsnap, you’ll be interested in Trakstar Perform. The bones are all the same, with the same great customer success team, and we’ve added even more functionality and features that help you see results immediately.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of Trakstar Perform, you can click here.