Employees Are Looking for More Continuous Feedback – Why Are You Not Giving It to Them?

Employees want feedback from their employers. They do not want to have to wait six or twelve months for a performance review. They want to know what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right today so they can make changes or continue on the right path. However, as an employer, you may have reasons for not giving continuous feedback. While it was hard in the past, online employee review software is changing things up and making it easier than ever to provide your employees with the feedback they want. Here are a few of the reasons you may have for not giving your employees the feedback they crave and the ways that online employee review software can help to change those reasons.

Giving Employees Continuous Feedback Takes Too Much Time

The top reason that employers have for not giving employees the constant feedback they crave is that it takes too much time to provide this feedback to their employees. However, online employee review software is making it easier and less time consuming than ever before to provide this feedback to your employees. The software keeps track of information that you program in. For example, if your business is a call center, the online software may keep track of how long an employee takes to answer the phone, how long they are on the phone with customers, how many sales they make, how satisfied customers are with the call and how many request a supervisor. An employee and/or their supervisor can easily pull up this information and determine just how well the employee is doing their job and where they can or should improve. It takes no time at all to provide this type of information to employees.

Providing Employees With Frequent Reviews Lowers Office Morale

Another reason why you as an employer may not be providing employees with feedback often is because you feel it lowers office morale. Many people get nervous when review time rolls around when reviews are not done frequently. And they may feel frustrated when something that happened six or nine months ago gets brought up in an infrequent review. However, frequent reviews do not lower morale. Employees get used to the constant feedback and often prefer things being addressed in a timely manner, rather than months later. It lets employees know where they stand and can help them to feel like you as an employer are trying to help them achieve their work goals, rather than simply judging them. Online employee review software also allows employees to review the information that you make available to them, which helps them to know where they stand at any given moment. This helps to eliminate the element of surprise from reviews, which should take away some of the negativity or anxiousness surrounding review time.

Employees Prefer to Have Reviews Tied to Pay

Many employers are hesitant to provide employees with frequent reviews because they feel like employees prefer to have their reviews tied to pay or are more receptive when their review are tied to pay. As such, unless they are offering a possible pay raise in conjunction with the review, they are hesitant to provide a review. However, employees prefer to be able to receive a pay raise. When reviews are done once a year, they may feel like they did not get the opportunity to earn as much of a raise as they could have if issued were raised earlier. If they knew there was a problem with their performance, they could have turned things around. But when they did not know, they did not have this opportunity. This can increase the tension between supervisors and employees and make review time more nerve-wracking. Online employee review software provides employees with the feedback they need to turn around their work performance to hit the goals they need to increase their level of pay and earn any bonuses or raises.

There is No Reason to Do Frequent Reviews

The last reason that you as an employer may not want to give employees continuous reviews is because you do not think there is any reason to do so. Employees are going to perform how they are going to perform regardless of the feedback. However, this is not true. Many employees are unsure how well they are performing. A review opens their eyes and lets them know. Also, reviews help to open the eyes of supervisors. A supervisor may not be aware that they have an underperforming employee until they see the numbers in front of them. Being able to see the information that review software provides helps supervisors watch their employees and helps employees keep track of themselves. It also helps supervisors determine if changes in the department are helping to increase productivity, increase or decrease staffing as needed, and monitor busy versus slow months. Online review software provides businesses with a wealth of information that they may otherwise miss out on if they opted not to provide their employees with these frequent reviews.

Online employee review software is becoming a game changer with employers. It helps employers and supervisors keep better track of their employee’s performance and goals. And it allows this information to be readily available, with very little research or effort on anyone’s part. If you are looking to purchase an online employee review software program, turn to Reviewsnap. We offer online, cloud-based, software that can help you streamline performance management, increase transparency, and improve relations between employees and managers. Schedule a demo today, to learn more about the products we offer.