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Why OKRs?

Studies show that commitment to specific, ambitious goals can increase employee engagement and significantly improve employee performance. So it’s no wonder that many businesses today use some method of goal setting and tracking to help monitor employee performance and create alignment within the organization. One popular approach to goal setting is the “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs) method, a system designed by the CEO of Intel and made by famous by corporations such as Google. OKRs help define goals, establish a way of measuring performance, progress, success, and clarify expectations within a company culture.

Choose Reviewsnap To Manage Your OKRs

Generally speaking, people view OKRs as a fairly simple approach. However, trying to manage and track OKRs for an entire organization or business can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you’re using a manual, paper process. To avoid being bogged down with paperwork, you need an online OKR tool to help manage, organize, and streamline the OKR process. Meet Reviewsnap – the best performance management and OKR system available on the market today.

Reviewsnap Is The Best OKR Software On The Market

Reviewsnap is a flexible, easy to use, web-based performance management system, with intuitive OKR tools to automate your company’s goal management process. Ideal for small to midsize businesses, Reviewsnap delivers automated performance reviews, customizable OKR templates, note-taking, and real-time reporting in an easy to navigate platform.


How can Reviewsnap streamline your OKR process?

  • The fully automated platform features e-signatures, automatic email notifications, archiving, and unlimited job-specific review templates and customizable goal modules
  • Intuitive, easy to use OKR software automates the OKR goal setting process; implement OKRs, track key objectives and measurable results, and monitor team performance
  • 360-Degree Feedback–allows employees to utilize self-reviews; quickly provide continuous feedback, increase employee engagement, peer recognition, and  facilitate coaching opportunities
  • Note-taking and Journaling– provide meaningful feedback, support regular check-ins, enable employees to set personal objectives and track regular contributions


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