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Conducting employee evaluations online is a breeze with Reviewsnap. Everything you need for high-quality and well-rounded appraisals. 360-degree feedback, performance notes, goal tracking, and more. Book a live demo today to learn more.

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Why Go Online?

Running a business and managing employees is hard work. With a hundred things pulling your attention in different directions, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks and lose sight of the big picture. Conducting employee performance evaluations can be an overwhelming task,  requiring hours of wading through stacks of paperwork. Or it can be a simple, productive and – dare we say it?– a pleasant process, done almost entirely online. A process that leads to greater employee satisfaction and a better work environment. Don’t believe it? Reviewsnap will change your mind.

A More Comprehensive Feedback Process

Reviewsnap is a powerful, cloud-based employee performance review software solution. It equips managers and employees with automated performance review tools and employee evaluation forms required to smoothly and efficiently align goals, provide real-time performance feedback, and promote employee learning and development.  The automated and fully customizable user interface incorporates performance reviews, journal entries, 360-degree feedback, and custom reporting to deliver a complete, all in one performance management solution. And with 3-tiered pricing based on the size and needs of your company, you never pay for what you don’t need.

Reviewsnap Benefits

The benefits of using Reviewsnap include:


  • A clean and straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate
  • Unlimited and fully customizable review forms and cycles
  • Easy Goal Tracking– employees can manage goals, set new goals and view past evaluations
  • Journals and Notes sections allow employees & managers to make notes to track progress, set reminders, etc. Notes can be shared or set to private
  • Unlimited number of goals and associated tasks can be configured with the ability to attach supporting documentation directly to a specific goal or task
  • 360-Degree employee review feedback includes self-evaluations and feedback from peers, colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates  


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