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Interested in Setting Goals For Your Company and Employees?

Using a goal setting and goal tracking system is a great way to help define your organization’s core values and employee expectations. When using a goal tracking system, you can track and measure individual employee goals against the goals of your organization to help align efforts. Reviewsnap’s goal setting software helps with:


  • Goal progress tracking throughout the year. Stay on track after performance reviews
  • Personal goals, SMART goals, organization-wide strategic goals
  • Customized rating scales to fit your goal criteria

Use Reviewsnap For Your Company Goals

Reviewsnap is a cloud-based performance management solution and tracking tool– ideal for businesses looking for a simple, streamlined goal setting tools and automated performance reviews. The simple Reviewsnap user interface allows you to customize performance reviews and set OKRs to fit your company’s needs. Easily set, monitor and manage employee goals, increase employee engagement with self-assessments, engage in continuous feedback, facilitate regular check-ins and track individual, or company, goal progress.

Reviewsnap is Affordable

Reviewsnap is not only the easiest performance management and goal setting software solution, but it’s also affordable. Pricing depends on the numbers of employees in your company, and on the modules you’re interested in. This means you never pay for more than you need or want with Reviewsnap. Don’t let the simplicity blind you, Reviewsnap can handle the most complicated goal tracking and performance review tasks with ease.

The Benefits of Using Reviewsnap:

  • An automated platform featuring e-signatures, automatic reminders, and email notifications
  • Fully customizable review templates, review cycles, and individualized goal setting tool for easy tracking of employee goals
  • Goal modules can be easily customized to include as many goals– and as many types of goals– as needed
  • The ability to set measurements for SMART goals, and values for tracking goals and associated tasks
  • Notes encourage employee goal tracking and facilitate continuous feedback and regular check-ins between managers and employees
  • 360 Degree Feedback allows input from employee supervisors, peers, and subordinates
  • Statistics dashboard with real-time data allows evaluation of employee performance, strengths, areas for improvement and identifies top performers

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