The Evolution of Performance Reviews Infographic

Is the annual performance review really necessary? Is it even effective in optimizing an employee’s performance? In a recent survey, 58% of companies said that the annual performance review system is broken and ineffective. As a result, many companies are re-evaluating and updating their performance management systems.

The annual performance review has evolved over time from a once-a-year event to a continuous process of feedback and coaching on specific topics to fine-tune an individual’s performance. Instead of providing feedback only from an employee’s supervisor, more companies are also collecting feedback from peers and other managers, to take advantage of different perspectives.

To facilitate these changes, many companies are turning to performance management software systems to save time in collecting and storing employee performance data. These centralized corporate-wide platforms can efficiently manage feedback from multiple locations and produce summarized reports. Please see the infographic below for more information on the evolution of performance reviews.

The Evolution of Performance Reviews