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Best Practices in Performance Appraisal, 360 Degree Feedback, and Learning and Development

Bridge the Gap Between Your Performance Reviews and Employee Development–or Both Are Primed To Fail

Focusing on employee development does a company good. Why, then, have performance reviews become so disconnected from the employee development process at so many organizations? Sadly, the reason performance reviews become so disconnected from employee development is this: managers typically receive precious little training on how to conduct effective reviews—or even how to manage others well!

Performance Assessments in an Increasingly Mobile World

The world of performance assessments for the enterprise organization is not immune to these trends. In fact, the opposite is the case: Performance assessment must embrace every facet of what mobility means to American business today.

Employee Performance Reviews - Bridging the Gap Infographic

Do you evaluate your employees? If so, by what means? Research shows that 80% of companies conduct performance appraisals of their salaried employees. Out of the companies polled, 69% are still using antiquated means.

Giving High Performers a Runway

In order for high performers to contribute to the bottom line, they need a runway for success. That includes dedicated development plans and budgets. It also means continually assessing their contributions to make sure the company can plan for the future.

Five Myths of Managing Up...

The days are gone when someone took a job, followed a predictable path of career development and worked in a world in which all employee performance communication flowed from the top down.

With today’s highly transitional workforce — as employees increasingly expect to be mobile across an organization and not just vertically within it — and as studies of workplace psychology continue to prove the positive impact of looking at performance from every angle, manager assessments have become a crucial best-practice ingredient for successful organizations. In fact, two of the five key trends cited by Bersin & Associates in its study, Modern-day Career Management, directly reflect the importance of manager assessments: Career management must be a collaborative effort among “employee, manager, HR and the company,” and training of line managers is critical to an organization’s success.

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