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A Market Leading Performance Management Software Solution That's Also Cost-Effective

  1. Easily the most affordable performance evaluation tool available little as a few dollars per year per employee
  2. Our pricing is completely hidden or extra fees
  3. Multiple modules bundled under one annual subscription fee
  4. Works equally well for small, medium, and large organizations
  5. Easy to implement and use

The following products are included in your subscription:

Performance Reviews

Let Reviewsnap help make your performance reviews a smooth and rewarding process with our Web-based solution designed to drive exceptional results from your staff. Our fully automated and flexible performance review software makes employee performance appraisals more strategic leading to better and more timely reviews, less frustration, and increased engagement. Reviewsnap is user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free with no software to load on your end.
Key Features:
Automated Performace and Self-reviews Statistics Dashboard Goal Management Journaling

360 Degree Surveys

Our 360-degree feedback solution includes unlimited anonymous surveys allowing for numerous reviews on employee performance, automatic notifications that act as reminders for upcoming or past due surveys, a statistical dashboard offering real-time graphics, numbers and feedback on the company's strengths and weaknesses, and full administrative control over any 360-degree survey, which includes selecting who can rate an employee and the duration of a survey duration.
Key Features:
Unlimited Surveys Automatic Notifications Statistics Dashboard Complete Administrative Control

Compensation Dashboard

When employees understand how their achievements are valued and rewarded, motivation and engagement improve. Reviewsnap's compensation module makes rewarding results-based performance easy and reliable.
Key Features:
Budgets Unlimited Pay Grades Compensation Recommendations Approval Process

Learning Content Integration

It's never been easier to identify and create targeted development plans for your employees. Reviewsnap's automated Learning Content Integration (LCI) module lets you extend information from performance reviews to develop targeted learning plans for every employee. Improve talent management by integrating learning activities and performance management and become a true learning orgnaization.
Key Features:
Automated Development Goals Rich Course Content Online Access to Learning Management System On-demand Reporting and Transcripts

Number of Employees

Sierra Wireless

"We have only used paper based reviews until we launched Reviewsnap, and having a global workforce and managers with teams around the world, it was a challenge to continue with paper.  We have been able to get a line of sight into our employees’ self reviews as well as separate manager reviews. The tool was easily customizable so from a change management perspective we were able to basically use the same form we had always used and simply automate it."

Manu Varma
Director of Employee Development
Sierra Wireless

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