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Set Useful OKRs with Reviewsnap

Studies show that committing to ambitious and specific goals can improve employee performance and increase employee engagement in achieving those goals. Today, many companies and organizations use “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs) to help set challenging goals, track team performance and and employee progress. OKRs differ from other goal-setting approaches because they focus on setting very ambitious goals. This empowers individuals and teams to focus on the big picture by going outside of their comfort zones, prioritizing work and learning from both successes and failures.

Like SMART goals, OKRs can help companies create alignment, define goals, clarify employee expectations, and measure team performance. But OKRs take goal setting and performance management to another level, making it a company-wide exercise. Many people consider OKRs a relatively simple approach. But managing OKRs for an entire company can easily become complicated and overwhelming without the right OKR tools to automate the process. Reviewsnaps’ popular OKR and goal management software delivers the best OKR goal setting solution on the market today.

Set Useful OKRs with Reviewsnap

Seamlessly Integrate OKRs Into Your Process With Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap delivers a powerful, all-in-one web-based performance management system, featuring intuitive OKR software that seamlessly automates  your company’s entire OKR process. Ideally catered to midsize and small businesses, Reviewsnap provides unlimited employee performance reviews and OKR templates, journaling, reporting and 360 Degree feedback. The fully customizable platform can be adjusted to suit any goal management process, regardless of how many employees you have or how challenging your goals are. And Reviewsnaps’ affordable pricing structure is based on the modules you need and the number of employees in your organization, so you’re never forced to pay for more than you need. The fully customizable platform makes it simple to personalize the goal management process to suit your company needs.

Reviewsnap goal management and OKR software includes these powerful features:

  • Intuitive, simple to use OKR software allows you to automate your entire organizational OKR goal setting process with ease
  • The automated platform features e-signatures, automatic email notifications and   archiving, and unlimited job-specific templates
  • Customize goal modules to suit the needs of team members: set and track OKR  goals and key results, establish values for measurable results, monitor and manage individual employee and/or team performance
  • 360 Degree Feedback– utilize self-reviews and provide continuous feedback in real-time to increase employee engagement, improve communication and facilitate coaching opportunities  

Loyal Reviewsnap customers describe Reviewsnap as “an ideal framework” for enhancing productivity, improving employee communication and morale, and for developing a company culture that is focused on high performance. Sound too good to be true?

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