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Do Your Employees Need Help Setting Goals?

Traditionally, many of us view performance reviews as an annual “chore,” typically conducted by an immediate supervisor or human resources professional. Usually, old goals are reviewed, discussed and tweaked to fit current circumstances. The evaluation is then signed, filed away, and forgotten for another year. But shouldn’t employee performance be a priority all year long? At Reviewsnap, we agree.

The right performance management software can help businesses and organizations ensure their employees’ goals align with company goals, improve employee engagement,  and provides employees with transparency and clarity about expectations, goals and accountability. It can even supercharge employee performance. Regular performance check-ins allows more flexibility with objectives, increases employee motivation to achieve career goals and facilitates real-time feedback across the entire organization. With all the advantages of implementing goal setting software, why wait? Reviewsnap has the performance management software solution you need.

Do Your Employees Need Help Setting Goals?

Use Reviewsnap To Help Your Employees Achieve Goals

Reviewsnap is a fully automated, web-based performance management platform. It delivers a simple, reliable, and user-friendly solution to help your business save money and time with an enhanced, streamlined review process. Reviewsnap equips managers and employees with the performance review tools they need to manage and track progress towards organizational and individual goals.

The key benefits of Reviewsnap include:

  • Fully customizable review templates and individualized goal management modules for easy tracking of employee goals   
  • Goal modules can be tailored to include as many goals– and as many different types of goals– as necessary
  • The ability to add measurements  for SMART goals; add and assign specific tasks to goals; easily attach supporting documentation to tasks and goals
  • 360 Degree Feedback with input from employee supervisors, peers, and subordinates
  • Journaling and note taking features encourages employee goal tracking and facilitation of meaningful feedback between managers and employees
  • Statistics dashboard with real-time data allows evaluation of employee performance, strengths, areas for improvement and identifies top performers

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