Manager, Managing eSignatures
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Sign off on a Review

Introduction: The system enables a paperless review process by allowing eSignatures.

Step One: When a review form requires your signature, you will receive a system notification that your review is ready for your signature.

Step Two: Select the link provided onto the email. It will navigate to Manage eSignatures link.

  • Select View to have access to the PDF file
  • Select Comments to view employee final comments
  • Select Signatures to sign off on a review
  • Select Update to make final changes back in the review


Step Three: Lastly, Click Signatures, enter your name and select Sign.

The system will either automatically route a review to an employee to sign (based off the signature order set by the system administrator) or the system will request for you to release to an employee after you have signed off.

Note: Once the review has been release to employee, the employee will be notified by email.