Administrator, Employee Information
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Sending Passwords

Introduction: Looking to send login information to a single user or a group of users? Follow these steps below!

Step One: Select the “Send Password” link that is located in the “Manage Employee” link on the “Review Process” tab.

Step Two: Click “Send to all Employees” Or ” Send to Select Employee” to select the employee(s) and click Send E-mails


FAQ:  How can I unlock an employee’s  account?

Answer: When an employee forgets their username and/or password, they will be locked out of system after five (5) failed logins.

To reset their password, go to “Manage Employees” link, select the employee’s file and click “Update Employee Information” link.

Enter a new password and check box to “Send email to user with update password link” to notify the employee, reset Failed Logins to 0 and hit Update.

Once the employee login, they can change their password by going to their record and selecting the “Update Employee Information” link to change their password.