Manager, Managing eSignatures
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Mark a Review Ready for Signature

If reviews do not require electronic approval signatures, then Manager should just ‘Finalize’ the review.

Signature order is determined by the system administrator. Before setting up eSignatures, discuss with your HR system administrator if  a discussion with an employee is required before marking a review ready for signature

Mark the review ready for signatures-Allows you to mark the review ready for signature..



Select additional manager(s) to require signature(s) then click Submit.

Note: Leave the Require Employee Signature checked on at all times.

If other managers are selected you may be given the opportunity to select the appropriate manager sign-off order. Click and drag the manager’s name to change the signature order.

After the manager/reviewer signs, the next person on the list will receive a notification that a review is ready for their signature.

Send a notification about this review-  Allow you send this review to another manager or the employee to view the review.  Check name and enter a note, then click Send.

Save this Review and Exit– Allows you to save your work and finish at a later time