Administrator, Review Setup
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Manage Review Periods

Introduction: The system allows the administrator to define exactly what periods of time they wish to use in reviewing employees.

Step One: Select the Manage Review Periods link that is located within the Review Setup tab.

Step Two: Select which type of review periods your company uses and click Switch Review Periods.

  • If one of the anniversary date review period options is selected-The employee’s hire date will be used to identify their review periods.  Anniversary date reviews can be set up as listed.
  • If “Use custom review dates.” is selected, the system allows you to create review periods in any way you wish to define them.

Notes: You will want to give this decision a lot of thought prior to initiating your performance reviews. Switching back and forth between anniversary date and custom date as the default review periods is not recommended.

Step Three: To add a custom review period, Click Create a Review Period link.

Step Four: Enter the Review Period details such as the title, start/end date and the deadline date of the custom review period.

Note: You have the option of assigning a custom review period to all employees or selected employees

Step Five: Select Create to add!