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Manage Employee Roles

Introduction: Employee Roles functionality is used to assign the specific permissions that each employee will have within the system.

Step One: Select the Manage Employee Roles that is within the Administration tab.

The system provides default settings for three roles

  • Administrator – Typically has permission for all functionality in the system.
  • Manager – This permission is for someone with direct reports
  • Employee –This permission is for someone without direct reports

New roles can also be created within the step; follow the step below to add a new role. 

Step Two: Select the Add a Role link.

Step Three: Name the new role, check the required permissions, then click Create

We recommend the following setting be restricted to system administrator only to avoid frequent system wide change. 

  • Administrator Only recommendations Manage Company Info-Allows the user to update information about the organization.
  • Create/Update/Delete   Employees-Add employees and update their information when necessary.
  • Add/Edit Roles- Allows the user to add and edit new roles with system permissions that may differ from default roles.
  • Create Reviews for All Employees-Allows the user access to create reviews for any employee in the system.
  • Edit Review Comments-Allows the user to edit comments left by others on a review.
  • Sign-off on All Reviews-Users with this permission are required to sign-off on all employee reviews when the eSignatures option is active and the option to require HR eSignatures is also active.
  • Finalize Reviews-Allows the user to finalize any incomplete review.
  • Unfinalize/Delete  Reviews-Allows the user to unfinalize or permanently delete a completed form.
  • Change Reviewer on Reviews-Allows the user to change the reviewer on any performance

If you have any specific question when creating a new role, feel free to contact us directly at or by phone 800-516-5849.