Employee, Goals and Journal Entries
Reading time: 2 min

Add a Journal Entry

Introduction: Journal entries are ad-hoc notes that can be made at any time within your account. Why use memory? Use these notes to built a better picture on how great you performed throughout the year! The steps below will show you how to create, and print entries.

Step One: Select the “Create/View Journal Entries” link on your account.

Step Two:  Select the “Create a New Journal Entry” link to add a new entry in your account.

Step Three:  Select “Private Entry” to keep this entry for your eyes only. Leave this option un-checked to share this entry with your manager.

Step Four: Add a title, context, and include an attachment (see bottom of the screen for the file formats) and select “Create”.

Step Five:  Once your entry is created, you will have access to select “View” the details and “Update” to make changes at any time!

 Note: The paperclip icon indicates that the entry has an associated attachment.

Step Six: To print an entry select the “Print Journal Entries” Link