Administrator, Review Setup
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Create a Rating Scale

Introduction: Consistent and descriptive Rating Scales are an integral part of the review process.

Step One:  Select the Review Step tab and select the Manage Rating Scales link

Step Two:  Click on Create a Rating Scale to add your own unique custom rating scale

  • We provides five standard five-point Rating Scales.
  • Click View to preview one of the standard global scales
  • The standard global scales cannot be edited
  • Click Duplicate to copy a Rating Scale and update a scale rather than starting from scratch.


Step Three: Name the new scale, set the rating scale limit and determine if a zero rating (not included in overall calculations) will be allowed and select Create

The Rating Scale Limit can set for any number points

Step Four:  Enter the Rating Scale details (All fields are required even if the zero rating is not in use) Zero ratings are treated as not applicable and are not included in calculations. Abbreviations may be used instead of numerical values in the rating scale header on review forms.



Step Five: Select Update to add or Cancel to exit without saving the rating scale