Manager, Managing 360 Surveys
Reading time: 2 min

Create a 360 Survey

Step One: Click on Manage Employees link on the Review Process tab

Step Two: Select the name of the employee the 360 survey will be on from the drop down box menu

Step Three: Click on “Manage 360 Degree Surveys” link


Step Four: Click on the Create 360 Degree Survey link.

Step Five:  Enter survey description (title), target end date (deadline you are giving raters to complete surveys by) and select template from the drop down box menu

You also have several settings to select from:

  • Show Raters Names on Summary – check this box if you would like the raters name to be included on the summary report. Leave this box unchecked, if you prefer the summary report to be anonymous  to employee.
  • Allow Employee to Self Review – adds employee as rater; they will be required to self-review
  • Break out Employee Self-Review Ratings – if option checked above; this allows you to separate employee ratings from everyone else on summary report
  • Break out Ratings by Rater Type – breaks the ratings on summary report by rater type (Options: Supervisor, Direct Report, Subordinate, Peer and Other)

Click on “Continue”

Step Five: This next page allows you to add raters that will be evaluating this employee. Click on “Add Raters” link.


This will navigate you to a page that allows you to search for users by name; job title, etc. Or you can click on “Find” and it will populate a list of everyone in the company:

For each rater; you will need to assign a “TYPE” (raters’ relationship to employee) and click on “Assign”

Step Six: Once raters have been added; click on “Save and Notify New Raters” and this will generate an email invitation to all participants. If you are not ready to send out notification yet; click on “Save and Exit”.