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Assign a Competency to a Job Description

Introduction: Competencies can be added to the job description which will automatically be pulled into employees’ performance reviews. This will allow you to setup a unique review template with specific job related competencies.

Step One: Click on Manage Job Description  link that is located in the Administration tab

Step Two: Click Update Competencies to add job-specific competencies to the job description

Step Three: Create custom competencies and/or select standard competencies

  • Click Add a New Ratable (or Non-ratable) Custom Competency to create one from scratch that allow a reviewer to add a rating as a response
  • Click Add a New Non-Ratable Custom Competency to create open ended question that allow a reviewer to add comments instead of a rating

  • Select Standard Competencies-The system provides a competency library of more than 350 validated competencies that are divided into 32 competency groups. The competency groups represent nothing more than a way to categorize the competencies so that they appear on the review form in a way that clearly communicates to employees/managers what is being measured.