Administrator, Employee Information
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Add an Individual Employee

Introduction:  Each employee that will be reviewed and anyone who will be responsible for conducting reviews and/or surveys must exist in the system. Following these steps to add an employee.

Step One:  Select the Manage Employees Link that is located within the Review Process tab.

Step Two:  Click on Add Individual Employee to add a user onto the system.

Step Three:  Fill in all pertinent employee information. The required fields are the following:

  • Username-Used by the employee to log into the system and must be unique.
  • Email– Used by the system to send any automated notifications your organization may be using.

Note: If an employee does not have a valid email address, you may add a fictitious address to fulfill the system requirement. We recommend something like

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Hire Date
  • Manager(s)-This field establishes the hierarchical reporting  relationship for performance appraisals. Each employee must have a manager in order to be reviewed. Click Add a Manager to search for and assign a manager.
  • User Roles-Assign the role the employee will play as a user of the system. This associates the permissions assigned to that role to the employee.

Note: It is a best practice to design your roles such that it is only necessary to assign one role to each employee.

Optional  Fields

  • Password / Confirm Password– If you don’t enter a password the system will auto- generate one.
  • Send email to user with login information-Check this box to automatically notify the user of log information when the record is saved.
  • Employee ID -An employee identification field.
  • Department – Must already exist in the system to be included in the drop-down list.
  • Job Title  Must already exist in the system to be included in the drop-down list.
  • Location
  • Employee Photo-Upload JPEG images of employees’ photos
  • Signature Image -Upload JPEG images of employees’ signatures.
  • Salary- Add the employee hourly rate or salary amount (only visible with the Compensation module turned on)
  • Wage – (Required – Only visible with the Compensation module turned on)
  • If Hourly, Hours Per Week (Only visible with the Compensation module turned on)
  • Use Anniversary Review Periods –Use this field to designate that Anniversary Review Periods should be used for this user when Custom Review Periods have been chosen overall.
  • Introductory Period End Date –If you would like to include a probationary review period for a user, enter the end date of the probationary review period.

Step Four: Select Create to add the user in the system or select Create and Add Another to add more employees!