Employee, Goals and Journal Entries
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Add a Goal

Introduction: Need to add a goal within your account? Not sure where to start? This article is for you!

(This feature can be enabled/disabled by your site administrator.)

Step One: Select  Manage Reviews link to have access to your file.

Step Two: Link on the Manage Goals link on the left hand side of your file to access the goal section.

Step Three: Select your current review period and select Add a Goal to get started!

Step Four: Add content on the following fields:

  • Goal Description-Add the goal content within this field
  • Due Date– Add a deadline date for the completion of the goal
  • Allow Rollover to next Review Period-Is this goal on-going? Roll it over and have the system copy/paste this into your file for the next review period
  • Action/Comments-Add progress notes throughout the year

Step Five: Select Create to add the goal or select Create and Add New goal to add your next goal within your account.