Reviewsnap Security and Passwords

Administrator, Settings
Reading time: 1 min

Article Description: How to force reset all passwords, increase/decrease security settings for an organization, and how to reset individual passwords.

Step One: Log in as an Administrator. Select the Settings tab from the Navigation Bar. Select Security from the menu.

Step Two: Adjust Password Lifetime from the pull-down menu. Adjust Required Password Strength from the pull-down menu.

Step Three: Reviewsnap Administrators may also Force User Password Reset upon log in. This is commonly used upon first log-in to Reviewsnap. Clear User Password Reset undoes the force reset.

Step Four: Click Save to solidify any changes made.

Reviewsnap Administrators may reset individual passwords on the behalf of a user from the Employee record. Select an Employee from the Employees tab on the Navigation Bar. Click Edit and then Change Password

Click Finish to finalize all changes.