How to print reviews as Manager

Reading time: 1 min

Step One:  Log in and click Reviews in the list on the left.

Step Two:  Select the employee whose review you wish to print.
(*note the employee may be in Goals and Notes, Evaluating, or Archived.)

If the Employee is in Goals and Notes or Archived skip to step 4.

Step Three:  From the Review Workshop, click the Evaluate Review button.

Step Four:  Click the PDF icon on the right hand side of the screen.

*Note: These PDF icons appear throughout Reviewsnap and will allow you to print wherever they appear. 

Step Five:  Reviewsnap will generate a preview of your printable appraisal in the browser. You can click the icon at the top right of the screen allowing you to print the review.

…or you can click File then Print which will offer printing options allowing you to print or to Open PDF in Preview or to Save.