Position Versioning

Administrator, Advanced Features
Reading time: 2 min

Article Description: How to create multiple versions of a review for the same position. This would be used when Review templates change from one review cycle to the next. Position versioning allows an administrator to create next year’s Review form, without being forced to “cascade” it down immediately.

This feature is disabled by default so first, an Administrator will need to enable this function.

Step One:  Select Settings from the navigation bar, then click on Company.

Step Two: Check the box for Advanced Features: Position Versions and click Save.


After the feature is enabled Administrators utilize Position Versioning as follows:

Step One: Select the Template Builder tab from the navigation bar, click Positions and select the position you wish to create a new version of. Note, you are able to view how many versions are made to the Position as well as any notes.

Step Two: To create a new template associated with this position, select Versions and Create New Version.

Please Note: When a new version of a template is created, it will become the Active version. The Active version will be the form associated when the next appraisal is created upon Archiving or cancellation.

Step Three: To change the active version select Versions and use the Active toggle between versions.

Step Four: By selecting Add a Note you can include a label or indicator to more clearly distinguish one version from another, maybe the year the form was for. Make sure to select Save to retain the note.