How to Create a Predefined 360-Rater Group & Allow Employees to Suggest 360-Raters

360 Feedback, Administrator
Reading time: 2 min

360-Rater is an advanced Reviewsnap feature that may not be available in some Reviewsnap sites. Please contact if you have questions about adding 360-Rater to your account.

Article Description: Reviewsnap offers the ability to allow employee suggested 360-Raters per Review Cycle and for administrators to provide managers suggested groupings of 360-Raters. Keep in mind that these are suggestions and the manager can add and remove individuals as they wish.

Step One: Access the Review Cycle you would like to edit from the Review Cycle tab. Select Edit in the 360-Rater Feedback section.

Step Two (optional): Enable ‘Allow employees to suggest 360-Raters‘. This will allow employees to suggest 360-Raters when their review is in evaluating. These suggestions are sent to the manager for review. The employee will not be notified if the suggestions is accepted or dismissed.

Step Three: Click ‘+Add Predefined 360-Rater Group‘.

There are four types of groups available:

Direct Reports: this group will dynamically pull in anyone who reports the employee being reviewed if they are a manager. This is most commonly known as ‘Upward Feedback’.

Group: this 360-Rater group will be driven by one of the predefined groups you already have set up in your Reviewsnap site. These groups can be added and configured under Settings –> Groups. These would most commonly consist of groups such as Location or Department.

Coworkers: this group will automatically suggest any other employees with a shared manager as the employee being reviewed.

Empty: this group will be a placeholder for managers to add their own 360-Rater requests into. It is a way to suggest that manager’s add outside respondents or to create a place for their employee suggested 360-Raters to be added to. No 360-Raters will automatically be added to this group.

Step Four: Name your predefined group, this is what your managers will see as the administrator suggestions on the 360-Rater tab in the Review Timeline. Select the 360-Rater Group type that you want based on the descriptions above. Each group also has an option for ‘Anonymous 360-Rater Feedback’

Step Five: Add additional 360-Rater Groups as desired. Select Save.

These suggestions will not effect any 360-Rater requests in process. If a manager has already saved their 360-Rater selection for this round the suggestions will appear on the next review.

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