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Introduction: Learn how this feature can help automate your archival process, resulting in a healthier site and fewer overdue reviews. With Auto Archive, Administrators can choose to have reviews archived immediately after completion or a certain numbers of days after the scheduled due date. Administrators can also choose whether to have goals, measurements, and weights automatically carried forward to the next review, or to archive them with the current review.

Step One: To set up Auto Archive, start by selecting your Review Cycles tab, and then click Edit next to Archive Review

Step Two: Next, choose whether you would like reviews to be archived a certain number of days after the due date, or if they should be archived once approval is completed*. You can also choose whether or not to carry forward goals, measurements, and weights to the next review cycle. Once finished, Save your changes.

*Please note that if Auto Archive is enabled, reviews will be archived at the time the above criteria have been met. If you choose to auto archive after the due date, and that date passes but the appraisal is not complete, the appraisal will be archived within the following hour after completion.

Step Three: Once Auto Archive is set up, Managers will begin to see the corresponding text when they work through the appraisal process for their employees. If appraisals are to be archived immediately upon completion, Managers will see the following:

If reviews are to be archived a certain number of days after the due date, Managers will see the following once approval is complete:

Step Four: If Auto Archive is disabled or you’ve chosen to archive reviews a certain number of days days after the due date, Managers can choose to archive the appraisal manually if completed.

*Please note that if Sending for Approval is disabled, appraisals can only be automatically archived by choosing the ‘archived after a certain number of days’ option.

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