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Identifying and developing employees with high potential is an ongoing challenge for many executives and CEOs. Most companies want to identify and develop future leaders early on but struggle with the best ways to go about it. Traditionally, hr departments have relied on information gathered from annual reviews to help managers identify top talent, but annual performance appraisals rarely provide feedback geared toward encouraging promotion and professional development.

However, a growing trend in the performance review process is the 360 Degree Review.

Why 360 Reviews?

The 360 review offers a diverse and well-rounded look at an individual employee. It typically includes an employee self-appraisal as well as reviews provided by supervisors, co-workers and even customers and clients. The 360 review provides insights into the attitudes and skills of a given employee and measures the core competencies necessary for that employee to succeed within the organization. So where can you find effective, easy to use 360 review software? Meet Reviewsnap.

Reviewsnap is an all in one, cloud-based performance management software solution that streamlines and automates performance reviews, simplifies goal management and seamlessly incorporates 360-degree feedback. The benefits of using 360 feedback include improved team development processes, improved career development, and better communication. The clean and simple user interface is easy to navigate and includes powerful hr tools to enable administrators and managers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance review process.

Why 360 Reviews?

How can Reviewsnap help streamline performance appraisals in your organization?

  • Flexible Goal Management: set, track and manage goals across departments, teams, and for individual employees; ensure organizational alignment, monitor progress, track achievements and make corrections as needed
  • Automated Performance Reviews: save time and money with fully customizable review forms, unlimited review cycles and personalized goal tracking; automated reminders and email notifications, and e-signatures    
  • 360-Degree Feedback: gather feedback from reviews by supervisors, co-workers and even customers or clients and from employee self-appraisal; encourage peer recognition, increase employee engagement  
  • Journaling and Note-Taking: provide and access continuous feedback, schedule check-ins, track individual contributions, achievements and/or performance issues
  • Succession planning: gain information from insightful analytics using current and past employee performance reviews; identify top performers, pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses; promote employee growth and development

When you need a performance management solution that supports 360 Degree Reviews, look no further than Reviewsnap. It’s everything you need– and nothing you don’t. For more information, sign up below for a free live demo.

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