360-Degree Feedback

A core component of an effective feedback process is the ability to collect 360 degree feedback.

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360-Degree Feedback Software from Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap serves as a seamless performance management solution for more than 1,000 companies.


Cloud-based 360-degree feedback software is a core component of an effective feedback process. Evaluate your employee performance reviews from every angle and ensure alignment with company culture.


  • Incorporate continuous feedback from an employee’s peers, managers, direct reports, and partners
  • Help keep your performance reviews on schedule with automatic notifications for all raters.
  • Due date and overdue alerts for  employee performance reviews and feedback surveys
  • Complete survey admin control over the 360-degree feedback process

360-Degree Feedback Functionality

Unlimited Surveys

Statistics Dashboard

Automatic Notifications

Complete Administrative Control

A More Comprehensive Feedback Process

By asking multiple team members to weigh in, you’ll get a clear and accurate picture of an individual’s employee performance—not just a single review. This removes potential bias from the process and enables you to see how that individual works with peers, direct reports, and superiors alike. Gather feedback for all levels and departments of your organization to provide valuable insight to your HR department regarding top performers and those who need improvement. Employee performance can be tracked with real-time feedback, not just once a year at an annual review.

Improved Employee Engagement

Employees who feel invested in the performance review process are more motivated to improve their performance—and when they know they’ll be receiving 360-degree feedback from their entire team through regular check-ins, they’ll listen carefully to that feedback and focus hard on meeting performance goals that have been set for them.


  • Rating scales to match your 360-degree feedback needs
  • Real-time graphical and raw data statistics to identify company, department, and individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Insightful analytics with multi-language support.

Simplify Succession Planning

When your HR department has access to insightful analytics about all of your employees, they can easily track who might be eligible for a promotion, who may be leaving the company soon, and which current employees may be able to move into an existing open role. With a robust appraisal process, there’s no need to get caught blind-sided.

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