Deliver targeted learning content to the right employees with the help of Reviewsnap. Our automated Learning Content Integration (LCI) module works seamlessly with the other Reviewsnap modules and allows you to build a true learning organization. Easily track, measure, and manage learning plans to inspire and engage employees to develop their skills and increase performance.

Our learning content integrations pulls information from performance reviews and 360-degree feedback sessions to create the best learning activities based on desired performance competencies. With Reviewsnap, you can create Automated Development Goals, access OpenSesame’s Rich Course Content, provide online access to Learning Management System content and generate On-Demand Reports and Transcripts.

Close the skills gap in your organization with Reviewsnap’s learning content integration module. You’ll get:
● Insight into your organization’s learning habits
● Direction towards the right learning investments
● Increased employee performance through measurement of learning content acceptance rates
● Optimized learning plans that align with employee performance progress

Utilize a performance management system that integrates learning content to build an ongoing learning organization. With more than 1,100 organizations of all sizes and types worldwide using our learning content integration module, you can feel confident that you are in good company as a Reviewsnap subscriber. Schedule your no obligation demo today and witness firsthand the benefits of employing Reviewsnap in your organization.

Key Features Include

Automated Development Goals

Automatically create development goals and recommend specific learning activities based on the employee’s performance appraisal rating.

Rich Course Content

Employees can easily access OpenSesame’s library of learning curriculum in addition to their company’s own custom training and learning content.

Online Access to Learning Management System (LMS)

Web-based system makes it easy to access learning to support development plans anytime, anywhere. Content is available through a variety of online formats, including video and PowerPoint.

On-Demand Reporting and Transcripts

Measure and monitor progression of development activities with real-time access to reporting analytics and transcripts of learning activities.