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OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a popular goal management approach used to help businesses streamline their goal setting process. The OKR approach was created by the CEO of Intel and then adopted by mega-corporations, including Google, Linkedin, and Twitter, to name a few. Many modern organizations use OKR’s to help clarify expectations, create alignment, define goals, and establish a clear way of measuring team performance, progress, and success.


But managing employee OKRs can quickly become complicated if you’re trying to use google sheets or spreadsheets to track everyone’s goals and progress. Ideally, you need a powerful OKR tool to help organize and streamline the process. Fortunately, Reviewsnap is the solution you need.

Reviewsnap is The Best OKR Management Software

Reviewsnap is an all-in-one performance management system, with a simple user interface that makes it easy to customize to every company’s goal management process. The robust goal management and OKR software offers the most user-friendly, flexible, and affordable solution on the market today. Catered to small to midsize businesses, and startup companies, Reviewsnap features unlimited OKRs and employee performance review templates, 360-degree feedback, journaling, and reporting, conveniently bundled in one cost-effective annual subscription fee.

Reviewsnap Offers These Key Benefits

Reviewsnap helps you implement a smoother, more efficient OKR process to help your company and employees manage the creation, progress, and completion of one’s OKRs.


  • Intuitive, easy to use OKR software allows you to track, complete, and automate your entire organizational OKR process online.
  • Easily set and track measurable employee goals
  • Increase employee engagement with self-reviews and continuous feedback
  • Fully customizable reviews, cycles, goals allow you to personalize the process to suit your business needs
  • An automated platform featuring e-signatures, automatic email notifications and archiving, and unlimited job-specific templates
  • Affordable 3-tiered pricing structure– you only pay for what you need


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