When employees can visualize how their work affects their compensation, employee performance skyrockets. It’s why 90% of employers tie pay to performance, because it truly works. However, do you know what else is 90%? It’s the percentage of performance and talent management software systems that do not integrate with compensation management software. Fortunately, Reviewsnap does in our Compensation Dashboard.

Let Reviewsnap make rewarding results-based employee performance easy and reliable with our web-based compensation management software. Our simple, yet strategic compensation module gives employees the insight they need to understand how their achievements are valued. When managers can clearly articulate expectations, accomplishments, shortfalls and competency gaps through a performance management system like Reviewsnap, then employee performance rates can be calibrated effectively.

Don’t lose top performers over a compensation model that isn’t clearly communicated. Use Reviewsnap to:
● Attract, engage and retain high performers
● Automate compensation calculations
● Align salary history, performance appraisal data and competitive compensation strategies
● Accelerate efficiency with managers, admins and key decision makers

Utilize a performance management system that integrates compensation management for error-free and time-saving talent management. With more than 1,100 organizations of all sizes and types worldwide using our compensation module, you can feel confident that you are in good company as a Reviewsnap subscriber. Schedule your no obligation demo today and witness firsthand the benefits of employing Reviewsnap in your organization.

Key Features Include


Create budgets on a company, department and manager level. The salaries and compensation increases will automatically be calculated to avoid budgets being exceeded.

Unlimited Pay Grades

Build an unlimited number of pay grades, tie them to job descriptions or salary ranges, and create compensation-increase matrixes for each pay grade.

Compensation Recommendations

The system will automatically make compensation recommendations based on the pay grade, performance review and overall rating of an employee.

Approval Process

Put compensation increases through an automated approval process rather than dealing with the paperwork.