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Testimonials From Some of Our Customers

Andra Wagner, Human Resources Coordinator

“We shopped around for a performance management vendor and Reviewsnap was by far the best on the market. Their system is easy to navigate and use and they have the best customer service of any of the vendors that we work with. Our staff loves having web access to their reviews and goals and the transition to Reviewsnap has been great for our organization.”

Elenor Denker, PhD – HR Consultant

“What I like best about Reviewsnap is how easy it is for employees to use. Whether they are inputting goals, or filling out a self-assessment, the process is very clear and easy. I am particularly a fan of being able to manage goals separately, especially since we are doing quarterly goals in my organization. And if you run into trouble, their customer service is awesome – they have always answered my questions and solved my problem on the spot, which makes it very easy for me to refer my clients to them.”

Paula Gibson, Human Resources Director

“At the time I started with the City, performance reviews were being recorded in Excel spreadsheets. Obviously, the process was entirely manual, tedious and time-consuming but with no other tool available, it was the best we could do. My objectives in sourcing a performance management software were threefold: it had to allow for clear expectations – both competencies and goals; it had to be so simple to use that managers could own the process with comfort even if they didn’t use the system very frequently and it had to be cost effective.
I considered several options and Reviewsnap met all my needs and then some. Managers and employees can enter in goals for the review period, ratings are customizable and both competencies and goals are available to rate. It is super simple and intuitive to use and the extras like journal entries and kudos are relevant and valuable. We use the kudos function as the foundation of our employee recognition program! Additionally, as administrator, there are very few issues I cannot solve but when one is beyond me, support is immediate.
Reviewsnap has enabled me to implement a performance management program that managers and employees want to participate in and that is worth everything!”

Janet Schlarmann, Human Resources/Operations Administrator

“Reviewsnap is the first Performance Management system our company has used. From the beginning, we have received strong customer and technical support that enables us to customize the products to fit our specific culture and needs. I can’t say enough great things about our Reviewsnap Representative, the tech support team, and everyone we have had contact with at the company. As our approach to Performance Management evolves, Reviewsnap offers ways to use the system that meet with our changing processes. The product offers exceptional value to our company. Thank you.”

Claudia Kropf, Sr. Director of Human Resources

“I found Reviewsnap through an internet search. I needed a tool that could span the diversity of my workforce from novice to expert managers in the administration of performance reviews. Reviewsnap has been the perfect tool in this facet of organizational change for my company due to the tool itself and due to their understanding of superb customer service.”

Dustin Behrens, VP of Operations

“The group at Reviewsnap has done an amazing job of rolling out new features and updates since we started using their service years ago. Thankfully, their technology has answered the annual, “How are we going to do reviews this year?” question, and saved our Human Resources hours of work along the way.”

Bev McGuire, Sr. Human Resources Manager

“Our organization was looking for an automated, user-friendly solution to our performance review process and we found everything we need in Reviewsnap. We thought it might be too good to be true and found that it is as great as it looks. Our implementation went extremely well with the training, guidance, and support of our account manager, and our first review cycle was a huge success. Managers love it and so does HR. Awesome tool!”

Clare Robinson, Managing Producer

“We have found the system to be simple, flexible and has relieved the workload of our HR department considerably. The ability to send automated emails to all staff or individuals, the ability to upload our new reviews without manually entering them and the ease of reporting has been the key factors in our successful working relationship with Reviewsnap. We’ve found the support staff to be responsive, helpful, highly competent and patient as we made the journey from paper to online.”

Valerie Pechenik, Director of Human Resources

“Having just completed our second annual review period using Reviewsnap, we experienced a seamless process with very few hiccups, and total participation. Staff has bought in. Life is good.”

Tonya Knoettgen, HR/Administrative Coordinator

“As an innovative, diverse and rapidly growing company we were in search of an efficient electronic performance system. We were looking for a user friendly solution which would encourage employee buy-in as well as produce results. After having reviewed multiple systems, we determined Reviewsnap best fit our needs and was the most cost effective solution for our small business.”