The Reviewsnap Case Studies Library has success stories and case studies which span industries from: banking to building products, from education to entertainment. Download case studies from: Penske Racing, Television Academy, Union Bank and Trust and many more.

Client Story: Maternal and Child Health Consortium

Reviewsnap is excited to share its newest case study with the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County (MCHC). As MCHC worked to build a sustainable future for the organization, it was clear that strong performance management was going to be necessary for the success of the organization.

Client Story: York College of Pennsylvania

With Reviewsnap’s help, York College’s performance reviews have graduated to the modern era. And the benefits aren’t limited to time savings or increased efficiency. Thanks to the superior value that Reviewsnap delivers, York College has found one more way to hold down operating costs—which allows it to hold down costs for students.

Client Story: Athletico

Athletico was impressed by how easy Reviewsnap’s system and software were to use,
providing a clean way to combine performance reviews and 360-degree feedback into one clean deliverable. Reviewsnap has streamlined administration so much that Athletico enters reviews into the system 8 times faster than before.

Client Story: Penske Racing

As one of the most successful auto racing organizations in the United States, Penske Racing is all about speed. But while its drivers regularly find their way to victory lane, its performance review administration wasn’t nearly so swift. Soon after, Penske Racing and Reviewsnap officially joined forces to retool the organization’s performance review process the benefits were immediately noticeable.

Client Story: Union Bank and Trust

In 2011, Union Bank and Trust had a dream of its own: to shed the ineffective and inefficient performance review process that had become a standard for employers worldwide. However, before UBT could adopt a new performance review process, UBT needed to conduct a survey to find out what process would work best for them and what system would work best for them. In comes UBT’s 4×4 process and Reviewsnap.

Client Story: Television Academy

The Television Academy knows excellence when they see it. After all, they’re in the business of recognizing excellence. They needed a performance review solution that delivers the same level of excellence they look for in television’s greatest performers. And Reviewsnap has been that solution. In other words, the Emmy for Best Performance Review Software goes to Reviewsnap!

Client Story: PrimeSource Building Products

In 2010, PrimeSource Building Products implemented Reviewsnap with a trial run among 600 of its employees. The trial was a resounding success and the company rolled out Reviewsnap to the rest of its employees the following year. Since implementing Reviewsnap, PrimeSource’s results have been striking with a major increase in completion rate, shaving a significant amount of time spent on reviews, and administration time cut in half.