What Lengths Will People Go To Miss Work?

This morning while driving I was listening to the radio and the station was taking calls to hear the craziest takes on what people have done to skip work. This “contest” was prompted by a 29 year old employee who works at Blockbuster who stabbed himself in the leg to be able to miss work.

Now, I’ve heard some crazy stories, but I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of someone taking a sharp object to a body part just to miss a day of work. One of the callers said that she wanted to miss one day of work so she said that she had to go to a funeral. Well, that wasn’t enough to get her out of work because she was told she needed to bring back some sort of proof that she was at the funeral. So, she researched online to find funerals that were going on in her area and found one a couple of hours away. Then she researched the woman who had passed away to see where she had lived. When she was at the funeral she was asked by a family member how she knew the deceased and she told them that her Grandma lived with the lady at the retirement home. Ahh, what lengths people will go to in order to miss a day of work.

Those are some crazy stories, but only a few. If you’ve heard some crazy “why I missed work” stories, I’d like to hear them.